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Company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dedicated to creating full-stack software solutions. We specialize in construction of APIs under the most modern standards available in the market.

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Software Factory

Entrust us with your project. We can help you develop a solution that will give you or your client the security you seek.


We train our resources on the latest technology trends and advances, constantly evolving with the changing landscape.

Cloud Consulting

Our professionals can help smooth the data migration process, providing expertise with a variety of cloud services.

API Factory

OAuth. OpenAPI. Swagger. We create the connections, integrations and APIs you need under the most modern and agile technologies available in the market.


Our Vision

Here at Microblet, we seek to become the corporate referent for every development in the creation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and connections between different components inside an IT system architecture.

We emphasize the importance of layers of scalable and solid services, while at the same time maintaining an environment that is secure and easy to integrate. Constantly seeking new challenges to help us grow and learn, we are able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

Whether building an application or integrating one or more systems, we at Microblet always choose open source technologies. Through this policy, we can avoid use of unnecessary licensing and guarantee there will always be a community to support the system.

We believe in a world where technology is not limited by serial numbers or limited editions.

We believe the freedom and safety of our clients are top priorities.


We've worked with:

  • Argón Consultora
  • Metrogas
  • VN Studios
  • PagosPyme
  • Nespresso
  • Uakika
  • Avón
  • Cannon Fragancias
  • Munben
  • Natura
  • Herbalife
  • bennu.tv
  • MediaMoob
  • Ilolay
  • Vivai

International Scope

Microblet is certified by the Federal Administration of Public Income to export IT services.
This means we can provide our services anywhere in the world with no tax or invoicing limitations.

No matter what country your company calls home, you can confidently entrust your project with us.


Send us a message if you need more information or want to get a quotation.
You can also reach us through info@microblet.com.